HD Catheter (Single Lumen, Double Lumen, Triple Lumen Long term)

Haemodialysis catheters (HDCs) are an essential part of kidney replacement therapy. While these catheters are considered only the bridge to long-term vascular access such as arteriovenous fistulas and grafts, they are associated with significant morbidity and mortality and subsequent increased health care expenditures. It is relatively short-term use because of an acute need for dialysis or because chronic dialysis is just starting. The two-lumen catheter permits venous access to the central circulation for rapid fluid administration, temporary or acute hemodialysis, apheresis and hemofiltration.

HD Catheter (Single Lumen, Double Lumen, Triple Lumen Long term) Details

Brand Name

Nephrohope, Nephzen, Nephroprime.

  • Softness Insertion for increased patient safety
  • Medical grade Thermoplastic polyurethane material
  • Kink Resistant, Calibrated, dual ended guide wire gives the easy insertion
  • Latest Co-axial catheter design allows for improved flow rates and outcome
  • Sterile EtO
  • Free from pyrogens and for single use only
  • Lumens: Single, Double, Trible
  • Sizes: Available in all the standard sizes

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