Ryles Tube

Ryles tube is designed to provide access to nasogastric tract for introduction of nutrition and aspiration of intestinal secretion. It is  used for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. It is mainly used for feeding in patients with lower cranial nerve palsies, in unconscious patients and in patients with Protein-energy malnutrition.

Ryles Tube Details

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  • The tube is marked at 50, 60 and 70 cm from the tip for accurate placement.
  • Designed for introduction of nutrition and aspiration of gastric contents.
  • Made up of non-toxic, non-irritant and kink resistant medical grade PVC.
  • Super smooth, low friction, frozen surface facilitates atraumatic intubation.
  • Four lateral eyes are provided for efficient aspiration and administration.
  • Smooth outer surface also ensures to reduce chances of tissue irritation.
  • Distal end is coned with radio opaque material for easy intubation.
  • Patented soft dual port connector at the proximal end to fit easily with the syringe or feeding bag.
  • Radio-opaque line for X-ray visualization.
  • Colour coded for instant size identification.
  • Sterile EtO
  • Individually packed in peelable soft blister pack

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Size (FG)  O.D of tube (mm) (mm) Length (cm.) Colour  Ref. No.   Qty. in carton Inner/ Outer
8 2.7 105 Blue 5080085G  50/400
10 3.3 105 Black 5080105G  50/400
12 4.0  105 White  5080125G  50/400
14 4.7 105 Green 5080145G  50/400
16 5.3 105 Orange 5080165G   50/400
18 6.0 105 Red 5080185G    50/400
20 6.7 105 Yellow 5080205G  50/400
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